Expedition to the unconscious. Entrance through asana

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July 01
0-1000 rub.

Relax Yoga teacher Oksana Rogova and hypnologist-psychotherapist Valentina Polyakova will conduct a joint workshop!

The usual asanas of hatha yoga, but in the mode of non-violence, will lead you to a trance state. And instead of the usual shavasana, you will experience hypnotic immersion.

Having met your unconscious, you will hear the answers. This workshop is suitable for you if:

  • Do you go through life and don’t feel agreement with yourself, inner satisfaction and calmness?
  • Are you constantly stressed and stressed?
  • Want to know what is your life role and think about the meanings of existence?
  • Want to understand your inner self?
  • Learn how to get information about yourself, your role, your mission?
  • Looking for someone to answer?

Your unconscious is capable of answering these and many other questions: all answers are carefully stored in the subconscious.

Consciousness organizes, controls, limits the possible. The unconscious seems inaccessible and complex.

But we can:

  • agree with consciousness and find the path to the unconscious through a simple yoga asana;
  • Feel yourself in a huge unknown information field;
  • Get simple answers to internal questions.
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Watch the video: Higher Self Connection Self Hypnosis The Quantum Power of Awakening Ascension Awareness Activation (February 2020).

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