Workshop: How to get rid of stress and always be happy

16-18June2017Calendar of events
st. Trubetskaya, 10, metro Frunzenskaya
2500-7000 rub.

The seminar will be interesting and useful to everyone who thinks about self-development and a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of the level of training, you will discover the wonderful world of ancient knowledge, master the practical techniques of controlling the psyche and emotions.

Communication with Yogacharya Saji will help those who have diseases caused by stress and malfunction of the nervous system: asthma, skin diseases, hypertension, diabetes, gynecological disorders, hormonal imbalance, etc. As well as those who want to get rid of bad habits. Teacher Saji was born and raised in India. He has an enlightened state of consciousness, a serious student continuity of ancient knowledge and the ability to transfer the knowledge he received from the heart - to the heart!

Saji is a yoga therapist in the true sense of the word: he has many years of experience working in hospitals, with private patients and with groups. He has lively, practical knowledge - do not miss your chance to understand how a person freed from the influence of karma lives and what he pays due attention to on his life path!


Friday. June 16th

18: 00-20: 00 Satsang: "Do you realize your uniqueness?"
Free admission for everyone

Saturday. June 17

"The mind is the source of problems and the savior from disease"

10: 30-13: 30 Satsang: “Freedom from stress. Part 1: Practice: Meditation in motion to recover and relieve stress”
15: 00-18: 00 Satsang: “Freedom from stress. Part 2: Practice: Yoga practice for rejuvenation, restoration and joy of the body and mind”

Sunday. June 18th

"How to achieve harmony and live in full power"

10: 30-13: 30 Satsang: “Well-being of the mind, body and spirit. Part 1: Practice: Yoga breathing and Meditation to restore energy”

15: 00-18: 00 Satsang: "The well-being of the mind, body and spirit. Part 2: Practice: Yoga relaxation and practice to relieve stress"


  • 7000 rub. - the whole workshop
  • 4000 rub - 1 day
  • 2500 rub. - 1 workshop

Students receive a CERTIFICATE of international standard of training

To sign up for the seminar, please call:

+7 (985) 245--70--21
+7 (985) 625--09-57

Yogacharya Saji - A famous yoga teacher and yoga therapist. Born in southern India, in the state of Kerala, the city of Kalikut.

Saji has been working in the field of yoga for over 25 years. He has a diploma in Yoga Science and Yoga Therapy from VYASA Institute, Bangalore, India.

The traditional line of continuity endowed him with a deep spiritual understanding of yoga and at the same time gave him high qualifications in the applied aspects of yoga therapy.

He headed the asthma department at one of the largest yoga therapy hospitals in the world, Vivecananda Yoga Research Organization, Bangalore, and trained yoga therapists. He worked with cardio patients in collaboration with traditional doctors and achieved excellent results.

Founder of Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation, registered in the International Yoga Federation and in the registry of yoga schools of the Government of India.

Conducts certification courses for yoga instructors, seminars, retreats in Russia, India, Europe. Member of the IYF Council.

Saji is deeply connected with the classical tradition of Hatha Yoga. He is a very attentive, easy-going and witty teacher. His soft simplicity, love and ability to give touch the hearts of all who meet with him. Yoga with Saji will help you find perfection within and lead you to reveal yourself.

Workshop with Yogacharya Saji June 16-18, 2017 in the Studio Yoga Room msk.

To sign up for the seminar, please call: +7 (985) 245--70-21-21 (985) 625-09-09

Details on the link.

If you are interested in yoga, then meeting with Yogacharya Saji should be a landmark and turning point in your practice.

Yogacharya Saji is a wise Teacher from India, an experienced yogi therapist and a bright person. Always intelligent and modest, Saji inspires you to move forward!

The seminar on June 16-18 will be devoted to the topic "How to get rid of stress and always be happy?"

The components of the seminar are yoga asanas, stretching exercises and endurance training, pranayama for controlling your breathing and relaxing the mind and nervous system, meditation, Vedic mantras, techniques for gaining happiness, a yoga diet, talks about how to live happily and harmoniously in the present.

The seminar will be comfortable for both a novice and an experienced practitioner - we will have a calm, fulfilling practice and an attentive approach to everyone. Yoga instructors will be able to learn a lot of new things, because Saji is not just a Hatha Yoga teacher, but also a yoga therapist with many years of experience.


Studio YOGA ROOM (ul. Trubetskaya, 10 - metro Frunzenskaya).


  • 7000 rub. - the whole workshop
  • 4000 rub - 1 day
  • 2500 rub. - 1 workshop

To sign up for the seminar, please call:

+7 (985) 245--70--21
+7 (985) 625--09--57

Detailed schedule and description of the workshop.

Watch the video: IF YOU ARE IN STRESS THEN WATCH THIS. HOW TO LIVE STRESS FREE LIFE - by Himani (February 2020).

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