Class "Kundalini Yoga and Gong Meditation"

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November 03
800 rub

I spend not quite ordinary yoga classes, on the one hand it is a classic Kundalini yoga class with gong meditation, and on the other hand it is an activity that will help you direct your energy in the direction you need.

This is a unique class of Kundalini Yoga, where depressive states and inability to achieve a given goal are worked out at the physiological and mental level. This class is suitable for everyone who, after setting goals, cannot achieve them for one reason or another.

In this class, I give kriyas that will help me achieve my goals, once it helped me. And my goal was quite complicated, namely: natural childbirth after cesarean section. Psychosomatically, a cesarean section is an inability to complete the matter, naturally, I do not consider the aspect of medical indications.

We work on motivation with the help of the oracle or tarot.

Come, move your life off the ground.

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