Seminar "Chakra system. Anahata"

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July 22
Milyutinsky per., 15, Moscow
Is free

Chakras are an invisible and at the same time a key concept of the human energy system, used in the yogic tradition. If you are interested in the structure of the chakra system, its effect on the body, psyche and human life, we invite you to the seminar "Chakra system".

The energy structure of a person is based on energy centers - chakras. Through them passes the distribution of energy flows in the body. Each chakra has its own sounds, symbols, mantras with which the chakra is activated. Each chakra is associated with certain organs to which it adjoins, therefore, when the chakras are damaged, their corresponding organs become ill. The chakras accumulate energy. The work of the chakras creates an energy shell - a kind of cocoon.

Often excessive emotional and physical stress blocks the flow of energy in the chakra. As a result, this affects a person’s life in the form of health problems, unrealized aspects of personality, and everyday problems. For example, the first chakra is blocked from fear, the second chakra is blocked in moments of irritation and intense anger, and so on, more in detail at a seminar. Opening the chakras, filling them with pure energy, we obtain an internal balance and become more successful and happy.

The next workshop will be dedicated to the Anahata Chakra (heart chakra). This chakra is located at the level of the heart, it is responsible for the manifestation of sensitivity, compassion and empathy, sincere, unconditional love and devotion. A healthy manifestation of this chakra is a feeling of unconditional love for the surrounding world, a feeling of connection with every living being. Anahata is a source of love for people, concern for them, manifestations of compassion. It helps us to feel people on an intuitive level, to adapt to their frequencies.

An unbalanced state of the chakra causes heart disease, increased stress, and insomnia. An imbalance in the chakra leads to a constant fear of losing a loved one, getting rejected, with distrust of people. Opening the heart leads to the development of sensitivity, softness, tenderness. A person with an open heart vividly feels the support of others, the connection with them. If the first three chakras are connected with individual development, the fourth is already connected with communication with the outside world and draws energy from collective sources.

The lesson includes:

  • A theoretical description of the chakra system and its impact on humans, more about the Anahata Chakra;
  • Practice asanas with emphasis on the body areas of the chest;
  • Techniques for balancing energy in Anahata;
  • Meditation using the tools of yantra and mantra.

Cost: Free!
Registration required!

Attention! The lesson is part of the Open Doors Week at the School on Turgenevskaya from July 22 to 28. The program of free classes and master classes on the school website.

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