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Vedic literature, for it there is no such term - UFO, that is, unidentified flying objects. All flying objects are identified in Vedic knowledge; all to one. Which, from which planet, how they act, how to interact with them, what to fear, why not fear. And in particular, such aircraft are described, which belong to the category, first of all, Vedic aircraft are described, vimanika-sastras. Vimana means spacecraft. The first classification, classification (there are various other levels) are Vedic planes. That is, who flew in Vedic times, even Plato, describing Atlantis, describes these aircraft here. And if we compare how he describes them, their classification, how they move, their tactical and technical characteristics, then we do not have these aircraft in the modern world. That is, they all exceeded. Plato describes this. What can I say ... Atlantis is the end of Dvapara Yuga, that is, here, literally in front of us. What to speak of those past eras? What was the industry, let's call it conditionally?
So, described in the classification of aircraft of the Vedic level capo waya. Kapoto means pigeon, vaya - air, that is, an airplane, simply put, of such a bird-like type: with wings flying through air currents, a certain engine describes how this engine works, and so on. And varieties. And these devices moved silently over vast distances, with such speed that they became covered ... they could even operate throughout this Bhumandala. So you could, for example, cover a distance of, say, a billion miles in a few hours. If now, there, we need 9 hours, there, let's say; here I live where, yes, I need 5 hours to fly to Moscow. But in five hours on kapoto-vaye it was possible to cover the whole of Bhumandala. Kapoto vaya, such airplanes.
The following planes, or vimanas, were called mana javana. Mana Javana. Aircraft moving at speed ... man means mind. With the speed of the mind. That is, they still exceed speed abilities, speed qualities. Mana-javana, thinker can be called that.
The next category of flying vimanas is described in the classification as akashi patana. Akasha means ether, patana means corridor. Aircraft moving through the etheric corridors. So, the speed of such movement, now, if there are scientists, you know that torsion fields are open. Torsion fields are ethereal fields. And it is said that the speed of distribution of any information in a torsion field, as I recall, is eight hundred million times the speed of light. And these torsion fields - this is this ether. And these akasha-patans, they moved on this ether; that is, imagine how fast it was possible to reach any point in the universe, and so on. They are also described, how they act, what metals they are made of, what shape, how the pilot should behave, and so on.
The following classification is tripurari. Tripurari is a huge three-tier aircraft mother ships. Tripura. Three means three levels (the word three is also Sanskrit three), pura - city, big city, pura. Tripura, that is, a three-level huge aircraft, three cities fit in it. And it is said that he, the mother of this ship, was the carrier of hundreds of thousands of small vimanas, that is, small vehicles. And they, so to speak, moved in outer space, other planetary systems could be visited. These are tripurari.
And the next classification is hiranya pura. Huge flying cities, made mostly of gold and precious stones. People of the modern world know a little about gold. Well, let's say, in radio engineering, in electronics, they know - platinum contacts, right? Gold, silver, that they are more conductive, yes, that is, there. And in exactly the same way, but now practically no one knows about their flying abilities, the release of a certain type of energy, and so on. In the Vedic culture, these hiranya-puras were also used, which, according to the classification of Vimanas, moved at a tremendous speed.
So, the following classification of aircraft already belonging to pushpa-vimanam. Puspa-vimaana; puspa means flowers; vimana means a spaceship of flowers. Even such are described, puspa-vimaana. Floral spaceships. And we can see in certain religious systems there are references to such floral aircraft here.
And the last is para-vaikuntha-vimana. These are aircraft. which allow you to penetrate the spiritual world. That is, on this device it was possible to visit the spiritual world, but for a very short time. For a very short time, because the vibrations of the material world and the vibrations of the spiritual world are incompatible. Therefore, a very short time was possible. Consider a little bit - well, how quickly, on an excursion - once, with a peephole, as they say, take a look, and you had to return faster. But people had an idea that there was a transcendental world, so there was such a tendency: they knew this Vedic science and everything else.
Bila swarg - these are terrestrial planets, underground terrestrial planets of a paradise level. But they belong to the terrestrial planets of the heavenly level as demonic planets. Demons live there. The classification of these demons in Sanskrit is as follows. The first are called nivata-kavacha. Nivata-kavacha - this means a living being dressed in an airtight space suit. Nivata-kavacha, that is, deprived of air, kavacha - like a bulletproof vest. Kawachi means armor. And Vedic literature classifies these living beings - nivata-kavacha. They have such huge, such almond-shaped eyes, a very small chin, a small mouth. They are called Danavas. They are classified as danavas. Nivata-kavacha is that, let’s say, now people know one type of humanoid that arrives there, now on Earth, they describe them. And they do not know, they want to make friends with them, there is something to do with them. People are bewildered because they are deprived of Vedic knowledge.
We see how Vedic literature, especially the sections described by the sage Bharat-baja, describe these bila-swarga. What do these nivata-kavachi look like, what do they pursue, how. And you imagine, now, 10,000 years ago, they also flew, namely on plate-shaped aircraft, on plate-shaped ones are classified. There is such a treatise called Vimanika-sastra, written by Shubaraya-sastri-pandita, and there is given the whole classification of aircraft represented in the universe. That is, all aircraft categories that exist on different planetary systems are described. How they move, how they pilot, how they move, how they disappear, with what energies, how, what happens.
And he describes the visit to these bila-swarg. And he says, when he got there (that is, he is a great rishi with sensory excellence), first of all he saw amazing equipment. And he met people, and he describes them as yantra-purushi. That is, he met people, and the first thing that shocked him was that they have no life in their eyes. And suddenly the person who was trying to serve him something, somehow explained something to him, suddenly stopped and froze. And then some other living creature of an unusual shape appeared, it came up, opened his chest to him, and he was shocked - he saw all kinds of mechanisms there. Yantra means mechanisms. Yantra-purusha now in modern language we know this word as a robot. Yantra is mechanical, purusha is human. Yantra-purushi are called them.
And it says that sometimes these nivata-kavachi are yantra-purusa. That is, the technique of robots is so high (it is described 10,000 years ago) that it is the only way he could distinguish them that they have no life in their eyes. No more signs. In order to somehow confuse this with a person through the skin, there, or something else. And it is described there that these yantra-purushas very often visited our level, and even fought fierce battles. Fierce wars are being described. Here, on our territory already. And in the Mahabharata there are a lot of stories, like Arjuna, the Pandavas there, they fought, or Kuru, this kind, fought with the nivata-kavachas who flew here on these devices, vimanas.
The next category of living things is described - this is how people, but there are different subsections, there are several hundred thousand different; Well, as we have nationalities, in the same way, these nivata-kavachi are also divided into different such types, so to speak, or nationalities, as it is right to say. The lady is described further, here is such a category of living entities as lady. They are such small stature living creatures with a very ugly appearance. And they always, described that they always go in such black clothes with a hood. So that when they come to some dimension, so that they are not afraid. They have such a look, appearance. This is also described by Vedic literature.
Next living things kalei. Kalei Also such, not very pleasant, they are so long, thin, they have three fingers on their hands, they are described there, there they are. Big eyes, the speech apparatus is almost completely absent, and they communicate at the level of telepathy. That is, with any living creatures, they can very well enter the human mind and so on.
And another category of these residents beat the swarg called hiranya-puravasi. Hiranya Puravasi are also living entities that inhabit these cities. Huge cities, underground cities of these bila-swarg. And constantly these living beings want or claim on our planet. They are constant, that is, it’s so, let’s say, you can find somewhere in some works - the eternal struggle of good and evil. And also Vedic literature describes their level of civilization. Their level of civilization is called yantra. Yantra. There are three types of civilizations, that is, a classification of such a civilized world.
The first is called the mantra - this is the Vedic level. The mantra, and it is divided into seven steps, from the lowest to the highest, but this path is called the mantra. The next is called demonic, it is called yantra; it means a technocratic level, when everything is done through yantras, through mechanisms, through technology, they try to achieve such progress, perfection. And the next level, the lowest, is called tantra. Tantra
So, bila-swargs are subordinate to this civilization, which is called yantra, therefore, technically, they are hundreds of thousands of times superior to us, that is, even here we take some long terms, for example, we will see that they have such a technique! That is, we are very much degraded. All our planes are compared even with planes of the Vedic era, of the same level, but of the Vedic era - we will be shocked that this is all like, well, scooters, that’s wooden wheels, and that’s it.
Next come Danavas these living things, they have described, very powerful genetic engineering. And all these danavas can manipulate DNA, that is, they can create homo sapiens. Do you understand, yes, what am I talking about? That is, in Vedic culture there is also genetic engineering and also there are DNA manipulations, with the help of siddhas, Divine siddhas, this mystical perfection. These same systems on asiddhi-vrata, that is, on unclean forces, manipulate DNA, RNA and everything else. That is, they can create certain types of living beings with consciousness and so on.
And just many Vedic wars, and the most that I want to tell you (maybe someone is shocking), even modern wars do not do without the influence of these living beings. And people lacking knowledge think that it’s just someone fighting someone, but not seeing this connection. And it’s very beneficial for someone to be baffled that it’s there for something, they’re there, for human rights, allegedly fighting or something else. No, wars take place with the direct participation and influence of otherworldly forces. But living beings of limited intelligence, and even some kind of closed consciousness, they do not even know that something is behind them. They don’t even know. Only a few can guess that something here exists beyond what we can even sense.
The Bhagavad-gita describes this great battle of the Pandavas and the Kauravas. And it’s just explained that all the Pandavas, they belonged to Surya-vamsa. And all the Pandavas were born of higher living entities. And all the Kuru, the Kauravas, these were residents of the Bila-Swarg, who, with the help of genetic engineering, with the help of mystical perfections, seized power on Earth here. And between them, this battle is taking place. In the Bhagavad-gita, in the Mahabharata, this is very well reflected. How they were created, how, what happened, how their mission was shown to them, and how they want to destroy ... they always want to destroy Vedic knowledge.

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