"Yoga Wave" - ​​a charity yoga event in different cities and countries

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April 23

The OUM.RU club monthly conducts collective yoga practices as part of the Yoga Wave project. During the day, through the online broadcast, the club teachers conduct various practices of yoga and self-improvement, passing the baton from city to city. Each city has one to two hours.

April 23, 2016 in different cities and countries will take place the collective lessons of the charity online project "Yoga Wave - Sound Energy".

During the day, through an online broadcast, the teachers of the OUM.RU club will:
- lectures on self-improvement and various aspects of yoga;
- balanced practices of hatha yoga of different difficulty levels;
- reading spiritual literature.

Yoga days begin in one city and then go around the world in a wave, passing the baton from city to city. Each city has one to two hours. Thus, everyone will be able to get to know and practice with a large number of different teachers. The main goal of the project is to make new friends and like-minded people, gain knowledge, expand your understanding of yoga, advance in your own development, overcoming karmic restrictions.

Yoga wave is a great chance not only to make new friends and like-minded people, but also to restore their karmic ties, which is one of the fundamental factors of spiritual development. Karmic friends are people with whom we go the same way from life to life, people whose one word can change our lives and make it clear and help to remember why we appeared in this Universe. Such events fill with new forces and motivate to practice and move forward, because together we can really change reality for the better and make a touch of health in this world. Be sure to join and participate in this event!

How to take part?
You just need to go to the project website on the day of the event and start the broadcast, simply by clicking on the "play" button on the player.
Schedule by city: //
Website "Yoga Wave": //
The Yoga Wave group in Vkontakte: //
If you wish, you can donate to the development of the project: //

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