You will never understand what is happening in the world on a large scale unless you understand who and why wrote the torus, bible, quran, what is Buddhism, what is Hinduism. The Bible is the concept of managing OTHER PEOPLES.

We often come across amazing paradoxes. Our country is the richest in the world.

  • For gas, we are in first place on the globe. Gas reserves are 45 percent of the world. Deliveries to the world market up to 33 percent - the first place in the world.
  • In the forest in the first place in the world, 45 percent.
  • For oil, it was previously believed that they were in second place after Saudi Arabia according to data on newly explored resources already in first place.
  • On gold in 2nd place, after the Republic of South Africa.

If you go through the entire periodic table - we have all of it.

If we talk about the intellectual potential of the nation, we can say with responsibility that in our country, in simple terms, the most intelligent population. We have the highest intellectual potential. All leading scientific schools in the world agree with this statement.

How can we explain that, being the richest country, intellectually endowed with special qualities from God, we eke out a miserable existence? Paradox? No. Some factors are simply not taken into account, which we will try to identify in this brochure.

This is not a crisis of a separate sphere of management. This is a systemic crisis and should be considered from a global perspective. Systemic errors have been formed in the country when one industry swells by leaps and bounds, and the other is not something that is not making ends, but is generally unprofitable. (For example, banking and agriculture).

Any sane person understands that the economy is built from many factors. In order for any specialist, for example, even to work in the banking sector, he needs to give birth, feed, teach first general knowledge, then special knowledge and after that he will be able to bring certain benefits in his field of knowledge. And all these interacting spheres cannot be unprofitable, because when one link falls out, the overall structure is lost, that is, the structure does not work correctly and, therefore, certain problems should be expected in the future in the structure as a whole.

At the level of sensations, a simple person has a concept that they somehow manage wrongly, wrongly, but he cannot express his suspicions in an intelligible form. The fact is that there are certain mechanisms that no one explains to an ordinary person.

For example, Hitler longed for world power and wealth, conquered almost the whole of Europe, led armored armadas all the way to the Volga, however, a ten-minute drive away from the tank were Swiss cans swollen like yeast and filled to the brim with gold, and Hitler was not drawn there. So they have some other protection mechanisms.

Let's look at some of these mechanisms.

For example: in our country, they begin to fight alcoholism. Result: the whole country is almost completely immersed in alcoholic dope, even minor children suffer from alcoholism.

For example: we are told that the STABILIZATION FUND has allowed us to stabilize the economic situation in our country. Let's see what kind of panacea it is and whether this remedy will turn out to be the same as in the anti-alcohol campaign. "Let me manage the country's money, and I don't care who creates its laws," said Rothschild.

This is absolutely accurate. Neither parliaments, nor laws, nor deputies have any relation to management if they do not manage money. Money in human history has always been a commodity. This is the product that is most often used in exchange operations. These were: grain, cattle, animal skins, then metals, gold, silver.

What is paper? The paper was just a “bank note”, that is, a bank note that you had some kind of product. Accordingly, you transfer this piece of paper to another person, and now this product does not become yours, but the person to whom you transferred this piece of paper. This is the nature of money.

In fact, money is not backed up by anything. There is not even a legal definition, de jure. What is a kilogram is understandable, but what is a dollar, it is not clear. No economist will tell you this, and no economist will tell you why this suddenly dollar is equal to so many rubles.

The relationship between the currencies is not known. This is just a mafia arrangement, but not an economy. Actually, the ruble exchange rate is several times underestimated. If you try to buy something with the dollar from us, and then buy the same in the United States, then in the USA you will buy a consumer basket 4-5 times less than ours. See how we are managed today. When 10 kilograms of dollar paper is transported across the border, then 100 kilograms of gold goes towards that dollar paper.

The proportions are 10 kilograms in 100 dollar bills, this is 100 kilograms of gold, as well as gas, oil, wood and so on. The cost of manufacturing a 100 dollar bill is 10 cents. And its face value is 100 dollars.

You can change these pieces of paper in Russia for whatever you want. Someone is fighting for this piece of paper, and someone printed it and that's it, has already become rich. That's what management is today. During the period of perestroika (this is its true essence), one third of the dollar mass was loaded into Russia. And now the dollar mass is distributed like this.

  • One third in the United States.
  • One third in Russia.
  • And one third in the rest of the globe.

Is that by chance? No, this is no coincidence. This is the scheme of real global governance. One has only to lay bare this scheme and say to other countries: Yes, we understand that if you just stop Russian imports, then you just stop. We will not do this. But buy it all for rubles.

Answer: And we do not have rubles. - What is the problem, we will print them to you.

Here is the understanding of what the economy is. That's what a convertible ruble is. As soon as we print our own rubles, the ruble will become the most well-to-do currency on the globe. Why is the dollar in demand today. Yes, because for a dollar in Russia you can buy wood, oil, gas.

Remember how the natives were pushed, they were given glass beads there, something else there, but what they give us ... candy wrappers give us colored ones. Since 1971, after the well-known decree of President Nixon, it’s really been candy wrappers, and in our country, the delighted Central Bank has put candy wrappers in its cellars. Hundreds of billions, this is the so-called gold and foreign exchange reserve, but dollar paper lies there (we will consider in more detail below that even this does not lie there).

But something went for a dollar bill from Russia, yes, this is commodity lending to all other countries. Not a single country in the world would give its wealth for other people's money. For example, Japan in 1949 issued a law that forbids even a rusty nail to be removed from Japan for any money other than the Japanese yen. What is the yen provided for? Yes, the goods that are made in Japan.

What should our ruble be provided for? Yes, the goods that are in Russia. Our export always doubles the volume of imports. (this is rude, you can literally be mistaken for percentages). We have no foreign trade problems. This is the problem of those who trade with us. They need a lot. If we say “only for our money”. That's it, the ruble is becoming a secured currency.

It would seem that everything is so simple. Once and for a dam. But there was one question that was invisible at first glance. And who can make the ruble convertible (truly convertible)?

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the President of Russia. He will give an order to the Central Bank and all of Russia will instantly become a rich and prosperous state. BUT THE PRESIDENT CANNOT GIVE SUCH INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CENTRBANK. Since CENTROBANK in Russia is a PRIVATE BANK.

How is it, you say, what nonsense are you talking about in your brochure?

And here is no nonsense. It turns out that the Central Bank is not a state structure. It is not even de jure included in the public administration system. Central Bank de jure is a private corporate property. Because the board of directors of the Central Bank solves all issues of profit.

Who owns the printing press of the Russian Federation? When studying the law on the Central Bank (FEDERAL LAW ON THE CENTRAL BANK OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION (BANK OF RUSSIA) as amended by the Federal Laws of January 10, 2003 No. 5-ФЗ, dated December 23, 2003 No. 180-ФЗ, dated June 29, 2004 No. 58-ФЗ Federal Law, dated July 29, 2004 No. 97-ФЗ, dated June 18, 2005 No. 61-ФЗ, dated July 18, 2005 No. 90-ФЗ, dated March 3, 2006 No. 60-ФЗ, dated June 12, 2006 No. 85-ФЗ, dated December 29, 2006 No. 246-ФЗ, dated December 29, 2006 No. 247-ФЗ) the question arises: do we even have such a state body - the Central Bank?

Of course, we have a certain commercial bank, the Central Bank, and it can even print rubles, but its functions are somewhat different from those usually attributed to the central banks of independent states. But first, back to the main question. Yes, the authorized capital and property of the bank are federal property:

Quote: “Article 2. The authorized capital and other property of the Bank of Russia are federal property. In accordance with the purposes and in the manner established by this Federal Law, the Bank of Russia exercises authority to possess, use and dispose of the property of the Bank of Russia, including the Bank of Russia gold and currency reserves The seizure and encumbrance of obligations of the specified property without the consent of the Bank of Russia is not allowed, unless otherwise provided by federal law.The state is not liable for the obligations of Bank of Russia and, and the Bank of Russia - for state obligations, if they have not assumed such obligations or unless otherwise provided by federal laws. The Bank of Russia shall carry out its expenses from its own income. "

The law on the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, it would seem, makes clear everything about the ownership of the Central Bank. In addition, the Duma appoints, by representation of the President, the Chairman of the Bank and members of the Board of Directors. And here it’s all right. What is alarming? And almost the same independence from the Government of the Russian Federation that the Fed has.

Rather, an inverse relationship is evident - the Government of the Russian Federation depends in its activities on the policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The law has been explicitly deducted from similar US Federal Reserve legislation, with some exceptions. Now let’s pay attention to the phrase immediately after establishing ownership of the property: the state is not responsible for the obligations of the bank, the bank is not responsible for the obligations of the state ... How is it? Does the property belong to the state and with this property the state cannot answer for its obligations? In other words, the state can become bankrupt even with a huge gold and foreign exchange reserve. Gold reserves untouchable! Gold reserves are, but not about our honor.

This is what this article is about.

Well, about property, a building, furniture - these are trifles. They belong to the state, calm down. A statutory fund of 3 billion rubles - too. When it comes to hundreds of billions of dollars, such amounts are not taken into account. So, we can state that, formally being the federal property of the Central Bank, nevertheless, it does not bear any obligations in relation to the state.

And if suddenly the state makes any demands on it, then: Article 6. The Bank of Russia has the right to appeal to the courts in the manner determined by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The Bank of Russia is entitled to apply for protection of its interests to international courts, courts of foreign states and arbitration courts. You can, of course, not obey the decisions of the Strasbourg courts and use the gold and foreign currency reserves in accordance with the first sentence of the second article of the law, however ... the gold and foreign currency reserves are not in the Central Bank. Dollars and other currencies received for trading oil and gas in Russia are not imported. At least in such quantity. And rightly so. Echelons would have to be carried.

You can estimate - a million dollars a hundred dollar bills - this is a suitcase. One hundred million respectively - a wagon. Billion - this is a train of 10 cars. Imagine transporting 3-4 billion dollars to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation! Approximately by such amounts gold reserves increase every week! Over the past few years. Has anyone seen the trains under guard that would be driven into the cellars of the Central Bank? I do not think that the Central Bank safes are generally designed to store such an amount of green paper. Accordingly, they are not there. And where is the gold reserves? There is no sense in such an amount of cash at all. This money represents the numbers in a bank computer, that is, "cashless".

And in what computer? Which bank? Our Central Bank? Their presence in the accounts of the Central Bank should be somehow reflected in the international financial system. Who will just believe our Central Bank that he has these many hundreds of billions of dollars? So, somewhere in the west they have the Main Banking Computer, which stores information that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation still has this money. Actually, such information is the gold and foreign currency reserves in question, and the World Bank and the IMF manage these computers, two real financial structures of the World Government, the existence of which for some reason many cannot recognize. But the situation is even more complicated, gold and foreign currency reserves does not even represent money. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation transferred the bulk of gold and foreign currency reserves to “US securities”, more precisely, to bonds of a loan of the US government, which was already in March 2006, almost defaulted on these securities. And he will certainly announce it, approximately in 2008.

"Analysts" from finance prefer to keep silent about this, although information about this is easily accessible and verifiable. In general, the Central Bank hid "its" gold reserves in such a way that the state of Russia could not get to it in any case. Well, since US securities were used here (which would certainly default), it is clear whose interests the Central Bank of Russia reflects in its actions. But that is not all. The law on the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has one article that distinguishes it fundamentally from the Fed, which is also a "state-independent" bank. It turns out that: Article 22. The Bank of Russia is not entitled to provide loans to the Government of the Russian Federation to finance the federal budget deficit, to buy government securities at their initial placement, except when it is provided for by the federal law on the federal budget.

The Bank of Russia is not entitled to provide loans to finance budget deficits of state extra-budgetary funds, budgets of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local budgets. It should be clarified that the issuance of dollars by the Fed is directly related to the provision of loans to the US federal government. This is done through the purchase of US government loan bonds for non-existent money.

Roughly speaking, the US government "securities" fall into the hands of the Fed, and the corresponding numbers are simply written in exchange for government accounts. Which before simply did not exist in nature. These tsiferki in the banking computer and become new money. They are controlled by the US government. This is, so to speak, the first stage. The second stage of the issue is that for ordinary commercial banks, banks from the Federal Reserve system issue loans against the security of already received "securities" of the US government. But with a certain increasing factor. This ratio is usually from 9 to 16. Such an operation in the banking community is called "partial reservation" and also leads to an increase in the total money supply. Cash dollars are printed when debiting the corresponding non-cash amounts. This is the case in the USA. What do we have in Russia?

A completely different system. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation does not have the right to lend to the Government of Russia under any circumstances and, accordingly, this mechanism for introducing money into the economy is turned off altogether under the current law.How are rubles introduced into circulation? Through the purchase of foreign currency, that is, the same dollars. He will print rubles and put them into circulation how many dollars the Central Bank will put into his piggy bank. All this happens through the currency exchange. As a result, the ruble mass is directly tied to the dollar mass. We can assume that rubles are the same dollars that are “in” the gold reserves of the Central Bank, but repainted in different colors and numbers on them stand with a certain coefficient. This coefficient varies slightly over time, but not much. By law, again, the Central Bank is simply obliged to maintain a constant ruble exchange rate. In relation to the dollar naturally.

Thus, our financial system becomes only a kind of regional branch of the financial system of the Fed. The principal thing in this situation is that the needs of the domestic economy in the money supply are completely dependent on exports bringing dollars to the currency exchange. How much oil was sold - so much money in the economy. Actual domestic production and mass of goods in the domestic market are not considered in this scenario. One of the results of this approach is inflation - domestic commodity growth is not keeping pace with the export of raw materials. Too many dollars come in, so too many rubles are printed under them. To somehow eliminate inflation with this emission mechanism, one must either reduce exports or import more Western goods. Or to constantly increase the ruble exchange rate.

All these options have their negative consequences, with one exception - the import of capital goods and technology. Only such a "waste" of dollars can turn into an increase in the production of goods in the domestic market and, consequently, a decrease in inflation. But who will let us spend for the sake of this gold reserves? That is the whole problem. Obviously, this situation indicates the subordinate position of the Russian financial system in relation to the international financial system, and to its main core - the Fed. It is also obvious that such a state is artificially and introduced by the “finance specialists” of the very system to which it is subordinate. Hiding behind a supposedly independent financial device free from government interference, in fact, the Russian financial infrastructure completely subordinate to the Federal Reserve was implemented. And it couldn’t have been otherwise under the "specialist reformers from the Fed."

To circumvent the problem of "independence from the state," the Central Bank and its gold reserves under the government created the Stabilization Fund. However, his figures were also able to remove them from finances - they first transformed them into currency, and then into US "securities" designed to stabilize the dollar. Exactly this way, the gold reserves of Russia stabilizes the dollar in such a difficult political situation, when the USA is waging wars all over the globe and in reality the financial risks are very high, so the dollar should inevitably fall (and completely fall, “purely concrete”).

So, the gold reserves of Russia has turned into numbers on the Main Bank computer somewhere in the World Bank. Which, on occasion, can be “frozen." It is interesting that in the draft government decree "on the procedure for investing funds of the Stabilization Fund" the Ministry of Finance suggested that the Fund’s funds could be invested in securities "of the governments of Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal , Spain, UK and USA. " What is interesting here is not even the meaning of the resolution, but the order of countries. Countries are listed in alphabetical order, not Russian, but ... English. Accordingly, the draft resolution was originally written in English, and the Ministry of Finance issued only a translation for signature to Fradkov. The translator of the Ministry of Finance did not rearrange the countries in the order of the Russian alphabet.

Accordingly, the resolution itself signed by Fradkov on April 21, 2006 contains very specific evidence - the resolution was obviously not prepared at the Ministry of Finance. Only a not very smart translator sits in the Ministry of Finance. The text of the decision was widely quoted by the press, and its traces, along with the mistake of the translator, are also on the website of the Ministry of Finance. In the law on the Central Bank there are several other important points that indicate that the organization is very indirectly related to the state.

First of all, this is a profit article. The Central Bank, if you follow the logic of the law on it, is a commercial bank. He has a profit, which is formed from any form of his activity, including seigniorage - profit from direct emission of money. This profit is not subject to state control and does not go to the state budget.

It was this fact that was used in court materials about the Fed as evidence of its private nature. Can this fact be used in relation to the Central Bank? Naturally. To this we can add that the salary of Central Bank employees is determined by its Board of Directors. Of course, the actual appropriation of capital is somewhat more complicated, yet it is inconvenient to assign yourself an astronomical salary in front of everyone, but here the basic principle is important. The fact is that our government on the same terms borrows printed signs (money) from the IMF, the international bank or the Central Bank. No matter where to turn. Under interest receive money.

Here you have the scheme of governing the country. One country printed paper, and indicated the numbers on a computer. Another country does not print this paper, but takes this paper from outside. And what does inflation change from the fact that I have green paper or red in my pocket? The purchasing power of this does not change. These primitive things in the minds of the people are so confused that the people believe that it is impossible to print their money, but that strangers must be imported.

For what? In order to feed the one who gives you money in growth.

So management at this level is, first of all, the issue of means of payment. Anyone who makes an issue, he receives an income, which is called Senoraj. Senoraj is defined in the economic encyclopedia as income, which is obtained as the difference between the cost of making money and their face value.

That is, the cost of manufacturing a 100 dollar bill is 10 cents. And its face value is 100 dollars. You can change these pieces of paper in Russia for whatever you want. So those who get senior, and are the coolest business in the world. All these drugs, weapons, etc. ... it wasn’t at all close to this business. With a business that is conducted through the issue of means of payment. Someone is fighting for this piece of paper, and someone printed it and that's it, has already become rich. In the realities of the country's economic life, we have lost the schemes of socially useful management; they simply do not exist in nature. At one time, Aristotle divided the economy into two classes.

Economics is the science of how to make people rich. And hrematistiki, from the word "hremo" - wealth, as an individual entrepreneur or an individual corporation to fill your own pocket. What is business: "Business is the art of taking money out of the pockets of others without resorting to violence." Max Amsterdam. I repeat: "By law, without resorting to violence." This is exactly what science teaches, which we mistakenly call economics. All absolutely textbooks, all absolutely theories, teach how to separate a corporation to fill your own pocket. But that at the same time thousands of people will be thrown into poverty, then this is not included in the scope of this science at all.

Now let's explain what the Fed is. The Fed is the US Federal Reserve System, which does not apply to the state in any way. In reality, it is simply a private bank that has the right to issue. That is, he has the right to print money (as he wants). The view on the historical process is determined primarily by the extent to which historical thinking is capable of existing. If a historian looks at a fragment of history through the eyes of decades, he will see nothing but operational fluidity, and he will not understand the meaning and real reasons of historical events. But if the time range of a look at history expands, then the picture is seen quite different.

Significantly clarify the understanding of the historical events of the capture of America: During the revolutionary war, at the birth of the American state, significant disagreements emerged between leading American politicians.

The subject of controversy was whether the US government should establish a Central Bank (CB) and whether it could be private. Jefferson opposed such a bank, Hamilton - in favor. Jefferson argued: “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of dollars, then first through inflation and then deflation, banks and corporations that grow around such a Central Bank will take property away from people as long as their children Do not wake up homeless in the land that their fathers conquered. Hamilton proposed the United States to create the Central Bank of the United States as a private bank with the right to issue dollars, that is, with the right to create money from nothing, from the air, and then lend the same money to the government at interest. Hamilton substantiated his proposal by saying that: '

The whole society is divided into the elect and the mass. The former are rich and of good origin, all the rest cannot competently manage their own money. Therefore, the question of money management is better to give the rich.

Unfortunately for the United States, US President Washington appointed Hamilton Secretary of the Treasury in 1788. After 3 years, the US government approved a charter for a period of 25 years for its first national bank, called the First Bank of the United States. In 1811, under President James Monroe, the charter became invalid. In 1812, England launched a war against the United States. Under pressure from the financial oligarchy and problems with financing the war, the Second Bank of the USA was established in 1816 with the effect of its charter for the next 25 years. This bank was given the opportunity to issue (that is, print money from the air) in the amount of $ 60 million and lend these air dollars to the government.

Thus, the owners of the Second Bank of the USA actually stole this huge money from the US government and the American people. In 1816, Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to John Taylor, made another attempt to warn the American people: “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous for our freedoms than permanent armies. They have already created a monetary aristocracy, which does not put the government in anything. The authority to issue should be taken from the banks and returned to the government to which they rightfully belong. However, the Second Bank continued its inflationary policy, which was one of the main causes of the depression of 1819, during which the Second Bank completely changed its policy to the opposite, narrowing activity and causing bankruptcy. This cycle of inflation - deflation allowed the financial oligarchy to buy large volumes of property for bankrupt firms for nothing.

The 1832 US presidential election was key to the Second Bank. During the reign of the new president, the charter of the bank was to be renewed. In 1837, a year after the expiration of the statute of the Second Bank, the Rothschild family sent one of their representatives to the United States. August Belmont arrived during the panic of 1837, and was actively engaged in financial fraud. His success and his connections soon led him to the White House, where he became financial adviser to the president. In 1854, George Buckley created the secret organization 'Knights of the Golden Circle. An equally prominent figure in the history of the Civil War was Morgan, who later became one of the richest and most influential bankers and entrepreneurs. In 1856, Morgan came to Europe to study at the University of Gottingent in Germany. There he met Karl Marx, who was actively involved in the promotion of communism. In 1857, a meeting of the leaders of the international financial oligarchy took place in London, at which a decision was made to unleash the Civil War in the United States by pitting the North and South. First, they would have to figure out and inflate the cause of the conflict.

The ideal reason was the issue of slavery. The Knights of the Golden Circle were tasked with assisting in the separation of the southern states of the United States, breaking away from the federal government, and creating a confederation from the southern states. Future President Lincoln began to understand the unfolding events during his presidential campaign of 1860. He perfectly understood that the cause of the war was not the issue of slavery, but the desire of certain forces to split the Union. Lincoln wrote: If I could save the Union without freeing a single slave, I would do it.

After leaving the stage of the Second Bank of the USA, state banks acted as the banking system, which issued money fully secured by gold. As a result of backstage activities in 1861, a civil war broke out in the United States. Congress was presented with an ultimatum that slavery should be authorized by law throughout the United States and the newly developed territories. Otherwise, the southerners threatened to leave the federation. After their ultimatum was rejected, 11 southern states created their own confederate union, adopted their own Constitution, elected their president (Jefferson Davis) and determined their capital (Richmond).

It is significant that on the adopted flag of the Confederation there were not 11, but 13 stars, forming the 6 final star of David, a secret Kabbalistic symbol. (Subsequently, to calm public opinion, they began to say that 13 states had united). The number 13 is of particular importance to freemasons. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress appointed a committee of 3 people (Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams) to develop the United States seal.

The seal developed by this unholy trinity, especially its reverse side, hides Masonic symbols and secrets. The main theme of the drawing, located on the reverse side of the print, is the Egyptian pyramid. Isn't it interesting how this Egyptian pyramid came to the USA? This pyramid shows the true masters of the Masons - the descendants of the occult priests. Later, the same pyramid will appear on the symbol of US money - a $ 1 bill. In 1930, at the initiative of the then vice president, the famous freemason Henry Wallace, a new drawing of a one-dollar bill was introduced - a symbol of US money and financial power. An Egyptian pyramid appeared on the back of the dollar with the triangle of the all-seeing eye of Lucifer-Satan rising above it. The mystical Masonic Satanic number dominates everywhere: 13. 13 steps of the pyramid, the American eagle holds a shield with 13 stripes, in the right paw is the symbol of Freemasonry - an acacia branch with 13 leaves and 13 flowers, in the left - the symbol of war - a bunch of 13 arrows. Above the eagle, the six-pointed star of David from 13 Masonic pentagrams (five-pointed stars) simultaneously symbolizing 13 Christian “righteous” (12 apostles, and the 13th Jesus) reigns. At the bottom of the pyramid is the key slogan 'NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM' (New World Order).

This slogan clearly shows what the new owners of the United States began to claim. The American state is not enough for them. They are not interested in order in the United States, but in the world empire. Under their auspices and under the hegemony of the dollar. It is very useful to show this inscription on the dollar to people who all the time claim that claims for world domination are all the fruits of the sick imagination of patriots and anti-Semites. All this composition of ancient Masonic symbols was developed on the instructions of Rothschild, the first draft was made by Adam Weishaupt. But symbolism itself dates back to the time of Ancient Egypt. Today, the US Masonic oligarchy does not hide its claims to world hegemony. It is very openly and cynically written about them, at least among Brzezinski.

Lincoln warned the American people about the financial oligarchy, which he called the 'power of money. He wrote: 'The power of money robs the country in peacetime and conspires in difficult times.She is more oppressive than the monarchy, more arrogant than the autocracy, and more selfish than the bureaucracy. I foresee the onset of a crisis in the near future, which makes me tremble for the security of my country. Corporations have ascended to the throne, an era of corruption is coming, and the power of money in the country will strive to extend its dominance, influencing the prejudices of the people until wealth is gathered in the hands of a few and the republic dies.

Dr. Carroll Quigley in his book 'Tragedy and Hope' describes the goals of a higher financial oligarchy: 'The forces of a financial oligarchy have a far-reaching goal, greater than creating a global financial management system in private hands, capable of dominating the political system of any country and the world economy as a whole . The system should be managed by the central feudal-style central banks of the world, working together according to secret agreements reached during private face-to-face meetings. Through the creation of banking panic and, consequently, economic chaos, the Masonic oligarchy sought to influence the American people and government and force the creation of a permanent Central Bank (CB), through which the oligarchy would completely control all power in the country without any government. The specifics of the banking business is such that a banking panic is capable of instantly destroying absolutely any bank, regardless of whether the bank works well or badly.

The bottom line is that the bank allocates funds from the population to issue short-term and long-term loans to someone and investments somewhere. Only a small part of the population’s money remains in the bank to ensure current liquidity. Therefore, any negative information, if well organized, can overwhelm any bank. As soon as such information is “competently” brought to the attention of the population and the population runs en masse to get their money, the bank becomes insolvent, since no bank can withstand massive withdrawals. Bank failure immediately causes a 'domino effect.

That is, behind this bankruptcy, the chain of bankruptcies of those organizations that are associated with this bank begins.

One of the operators of these processes was J.P. Morgan, whose father was an agent of Rothschild, and he himself was a relative of Hamilton. In 1869, Morgan in London created the Northern Securities Company, as the representative of the Rothschild company in the United States. The first serious panic was created in 1893. The Northern Company played a key role in this panic. In 1900, the administration of President William McKinley filed a lawsuit against the Northern Company. After some time, President McKinley was assassinated. The president of the United States was the protégé of the oligarchy Theodore Roosevelt, and the lawsuit against the Northern Company ceased. In 1907, Morgan organized a banking panic with the discredit of the Bank of Knickerbocker.

One of the goals was the destruction of competing banks outside the scope of Morgan’s influence. At the same time, a mass campaign was launched through the mass media to publicize the need for the Central Bank in the country. President Wilson instructed to solve the problem of the stability of the banking system to the very person who created this problem of instability - Morgan. Senator Mason, a relative of Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich, was appointed to the National Commission on Money Circulation to draft a law on banking and monetary reform.

The conspirators immediately decided that it is impossible to use the name Central Bank as being compromised in the eyes of the Americans. They began to prepare laws on the Central Bank under the name of the Federal Reserve System (FRS). In 1913, the US Federal Reserve Act entered into force. Federal in this system was only the name. The system was not state-owned; it was a private Jewish bank, the highest bank over all other US banks. The Jewish oligarchy seized power in the USA without wars and revolutions. The Fed's tasks included ensuring the stability of the dollar and the financial system as a whole. The Jewish oligarchy perfectly demonstrated this sustainability.

Having the right to issue a dollar, the Fed could, at its discretion, cause inflation and deflation in order to redistribute power, property and money. The growth in the volume of money supply was several times faster than the growth in the volume of production of goods, work and services. The real value of one dollar in 1978 was only 12 cents of the dollar in 1913. In January 1968, the number of dollars was 351 billion. In February 1980 - 976 billion. Essentially, the amount of money doubles every 10 years. Everyone has long forgotten about the security of the dollar with gold. The Fed is able to create economic cycles by increasing and decreasing the amount of money and credit. In the 1912 election campaign, 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt said: “Behind the visible government, an invisible government sits on the throne, which does not in the least trust the people and bears no responsibility. The destruction of this invisible government, the destruction of the godless connection between corrupt businessmen and corrupt politicians - that is the task of a statesman. In 1920, the Fed launched the so-called 1920 panic. As a result of this crisis, the Jewish oligarchy took over both the vast amounts of farm land and many bankrupt non-Jewish private banks.

As a result of the 1920 panic, 5,400 banks went bankrupt in the United States, which were forced to sell their assets to Jews at bargain prices. One of the main non-banking targets for this crisis was the auto manufacturer Henry Ford. Ford perfectly understood the essence of the Jewish games and had already begun an active campaign against them. In 1918, Ford acquired the Dearborn Independent newspaper, in which he began to expose the Jewish games. In particular, he cited much evidence of the purposeful subversive activities of the Jewish financial oligarchy in unleashing the First World War. Jews attacked Ford fiercely on all fronts. And first of all, they tried to ruin him. But Ford, although with losses, nevertheless withstood the crisis of 1920. The success of the crisis of 1920 inspired the Jewish oligarchy. They began to plan another great crisis - the collapse of 1929. The first step was a massive issue of dollars. From the level of 31.7 billion dollars in 1921, they reached the level of 45.7 billion dollars in 1929. The increase was about 144%.

After the organized stock market crash of 1929, an economic crisis of unprecedented power erupted in the United States. One of the eyewitnesses to the stock market crash was Winston Churchill, whom Bernard Baruch brought to the stock exchange on October 24, 1929 in order to demonstrate Jewish financial power. Remember what date the 1917 revolution in Russia began? Are these coincidences of mystical dates telling you nothing? Remember how Lenin said about the timing of the revolution: “Yesterday was early, tomorrow will be late. Today ', (it is on this date that the mystical Kabbalistic holiday of Sukkah (Sukkot) falls, under which the Jews are adjusting significant world upheavals, because they believe that it is at this time that their god will more successfully protect the destruction).

The US securities market has collapsed, but someone bought these depreciated shares. Who is this? In all the official stories of this crisis, there is a lot of talk about the sale of shares, but not a word is said about who they were sold to. And the hidden essence is very simple. After the crisis of 1929, the distribution of property and money changed dramatically in favor of the Jewish oligarchy. About 16,000 US banks went bankrupt. 100 banks (less than 1%) began to control more than 50% of US banking assets. 14 large banks began to own 25% of the country's deposits. There you have the crisis. Someone sorrow, someone fabulous profits.

After the crisis of 1929 passed, Congressman McFadden said: 'It was a carefully prepared event. International bankers have created desperate conditions in order to become the rulers of us all. The monetary and credit resources of the United States are now fully controlled by the financial groups of J.P. Morgan (First National Bank) and Kuna & Loeba (National City Bank). On May 23, 1933, McFadden brought charges against the Fed, which caused the stock market crash of 1929. Among other charges were: “I accuse them of misappropriating more than $ 80 billion. Jews organized a hunt for McFadden. The assassins tried to shoot him twice, but both times failed. Subsequently, he was poisoned at a banquet. Subsequently, the Jewish oligarchy, through the issue of the dollar and other financial games and frauds, completely enslaved the American state.

The US state now has a completely astronomical debt. But when the media talks about this, the question is completely hushed up, but to whom does this state owe? After all, it owes to someone. To whom? Jewish financial oligarchy - the true master of today's America. In 1982, the US government owed the Fed (Jewish financial mafia) $ 1,070,241,000,000. For this debt, American taxpayers paid $ 115 billion to Jews in just one year. In 1992, public debt amounted to 5,000,000,000,000 plus interest.

Accordingly, taxes increased. At the same time, the Fed’s expenses come down to buying printing ink and paying printers dollars. People cannot possess such infinite impudence. For us, the history of the United States is extremely instructive, since after the "perestroika" in the USSR financial Jewish games began, completely similar to the American ones. Jews do not invent anything new. The methods are the same, repeatedly tested. Financial pyramids, banking panic, leading to the redistribution of capital, etc. You just need to know these methods.

Today, the United States is a country of triumphant Zionism. And what? More than 20% of Americans are mentally disabled. More than 15% of Americans are chronic drug addicts. The USA is a country of unprecedented rampant crime and drug addiction. The fight against drug addiction is nothing more than petty fuss, since the ruling Jewish mafia is the owner of the drug business. More than 30% of Americans have become homosexuals, and the process of sodomy is growing.

According to sociological studies, 80% of Americans do not have their own opinions and repeat the point of view of their puppeteers. About 40% of Americans do not work anywhere, despise all work and lead a parasitic lifestyle. The bulk of the Americans - the people are surprisingly one-dimensional. They are only interested in money, things, cars and sex. More than 60% of Americans don’t read books at all, and if they do, it’s mostly detective stories and pornography. Most of them spend all their free time on TV, where they watch detectives and entertaining, surprisingly vulgar and meaningless programs. In a cultural sense, this is perhaps the most uninteresting people in the world. They strive to do the same with our people.

The current state of the social sphere, national and racial relations, the development of crime, drug addiction, homosexuality and lesbianism, education, culture, the biological health of the population is precrisis and is deteriorating rapidly. America’s main commodity, on which it earns the most money, is not machinery and machines, but paper dollars, which they have flooded the whole world. The USA has an unenviable future. In the coming years, they will experience such an economic crisis that the 1929 crisis will seem to them a paradise. Today, the issue of dollars has reached an inconceivable and critical value. The American financial system is an unprecedented Jewish scam, abruptly Russian GKOs.

Soon the dollar will be lowered. The pyramid of dollars will collapse. With all the desire to smoothly lower the dollar will not succeed. In order to hide their Jewish financial games and find the pseudo-reason for the fall of the dollar, these strategists are planning a new war. The war will write everything off and be the pseudo-cause of all ills. The Islamic world has been chosen as an adversary for the United States, the tension with which is artificially heating up.

The war with the Islamic world is one of their main development scenarios. But we must not forget that they never 'lay eggs in one basket' and always have at least 2-3 basic variants of the development of processes. In fact, state administration is not carried out at all in those areas that we are told about from the pages of newspapers, television and radio programs, no. Why were world wars organized and by whom did they organize?

For the promotion of the dollar. This historical chronology. 1913 year. The US Federal Reserve, which issues a dollar, which is a private corporation, is approved as a private corporation. At that time, the British pound was dominant, it is the only universally recognized currency in the world. The first world war begins. On the territory of the warring countries, currencies fail, the dollar rises and it begins to compete on equal terms with other currencies. A certain parity and balance of currencies are established. The Second World War. (read the causes of the war here) In the territory of all the warring powers, the currencies of the warring powers are falling. The only non-warring country (on its territory) is the United States. The dollar is becoming the world's leading currency.

It's like in a bee hive, the bees work, they believe that they provided for themselves, their offspring, and the future of their offspring, because they work well. But they do not take into account the factor of the beekeeper. That is, the beekeeper is not included in the concept of managing bees, so the bees do not understand why they were left hungry. They think that they work and live, but no, the beekeeper takes out a frame with honey, and the bees already have a supply of food just to "not stretch their legs."

But we don’t distinguish between beekeepers, we don’t see the mechanisms by which "beekeepers" work. You will never understand what is happening in the world on a large scale unless you understand who and why wrote the torus, bible, quran, what is Buddhism, what is Hinduism. The Bible is a concept of governance. The conceptual power that hovered over our statehood is biblical conceptual power.

The format for printing can be downloaded here: //rossichi.narod.ru/help.htm

Watch the video: 5 Ways the Narcissist is Scheming to Destroy You RIGHT NOW (February 2020).

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