Karma and reincarnation. N. Demchenko

Who am I? Why am I here, and where will I go next? To answer these questions, you need to have a certain breadth of thinking and know what reincarnation is. We are not this body with which we are accustomed to associate ourselves. We are zhivatma. The process in which zhivatma is involved is called samsara. Samsara is a process of cyclical transformation from one body to another, from one experience to another experience. Zhivatma thus accumulates his experience, transforming from life to life, this is due to reincarnation. Everything is changeable, everything is inconsistent. If you accept this, it will be much easier to live, there will be no attachment. Our life consists of chains "action - result" and "cause - effect". And to live more environmentally friendly, it is better to live by the principles: "do what you would like to be done to you," "do not do what you would not want to be done to you."

Reincarnation is a kind of endless circle that we all walk on. We are born in different bodies again and again. There is a boomerang law; it consists in what you give and receive. Reincarnation can be not only from the human shell to the human, our soul can also transform into an animal. If a person lives unconsciously, then he acts mechanically, like a robot: programs came up, karma ripened, and you act, you don’t understand what you are doing, like a doll. We are severely limited by the laws of karma. We cannot even think of something that does not correspond to us by karma. For example, a person tries to manifest something, and karma attacks him in the form of restlessness of the mind, in the form of laziness, in the form of boredom. And it does not allow you to move where people are not supposed to. But this is only then a hopeless stage when a person acts at the level of his mind. Many souls get stuck in this cycle, cannot get out of it. Accordingly, the soul does not grow, it remains at the same level and receives the same lesson at which it stopped. In this cycle, other souls can be tied to us that help us, which show us the path that accompany our experience. Usually these are the closest relatives. And if you are lucky with karma, then a teacher or a group of people who move on the path of self-development. The fact that our teachers may be the people closest to us, I experienced first hand. There was a moment when I realized that I could not change another person. But I realized that I should change. I had a willingness, desire and understanding that changes in me would entail changes outside. And my condition began to improve every time, with every step. I began to feel more relaxed, more confident. I acquired and acquired knowledge, realizing that my happiness is no longer dependent on external happiness. When a person is in a filled, pure state, this state is transmitted outside, and the karmic rule is triggered: "what he sowed, he shook it." When a person realizes a causal relationship, an energy appears that helps to move on and realize the aspects that we came here for. It is necessary to accumulate positive karma, to neutralize the negative. We cannot sit down and start working wisely. First of all, you need to work with energy. Emotion is provoked by the fact that energies are at a certain level. Raising energy, emotions will be different, or they will be less. Service, austerity, concentration, meditation will help us raise energy. True service, when a person provides knowledge through which others exalt and grow spiritually.

Meditation, service and grace of the gods. Thanks to these methods, you connect with the higher cosmic. And this cosmic rhythm supports you, you act according to the will of the higher, and the higher consciousness gives you strength, inspiration, direction. And takes the shackles that impede your movement. In this way, karma is practiced. The indicator is this: when there is lust, pride, envy, attachment, greed, anger, then most likely your actions are your delusions. When you are free from all this, and in silence you feel that it’s so right. When a person realizes this, he will be able to help people, he will be able to teach them, discover something new, make their souls a little brighter and cleaner.

Watch the video: Karma and Reincarnation (February 2020).

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