The path of a yoga teacher as a service to society. Goals and results. A. Malykh

In the modern world, more and more people begin to practice yoga, because even a few regularly performed asanas are quite favorable. At a minimum, asanas help those who want to get rid of bodily suffering. Asanas alone are able to liberate the body, cleanse it of toxins and, as a result, less and less people want alcohol and other intoxications. The body becomes more sensitive to poisoning. Those who go further, comprehend even deeper cleansing from the modern ideas of society - to live without thinking about anything, to profit at the expense of others, to take what you want without thinking about the consequences, etc. Many people who practice yoga become more compassionate, calm and polite to others, and, as a result, their environment also becomes calmer and more sober in every sense.

To teach yoga means changing the life for the better not only of those who come to the teacher, but also of those who surround him. And those around them will also eventually extend this attitude to their environment, and this will become more and more awareness in the world. Yes, it sounds like madness, it is impossible for such a negligible percentage of yogis to change the whole world. However, those who need it will be able to change. It is these people who come to yoga - they are seekers, as the teacher himself once sought. Perhaps some of them will also become teachers, so you should never practice only for yourself. In order for our world to be more sober, it is necessary to disseminate knowledge.

Even if a person does not become a teacher of yoga and does not study the philosophy of the path of yoga, in any case he will receive a blessing. For example, if a person will regularly perform asanas, then his body will be more healthy, mental activity will become more effective, such a person will become more efficient, which is necessary for our progressive society. Also, when a person learns to breathe correctly, then in his life there will be less emotional outbursts, since breathing directly controls the activity of the mind. Such a person will be more peaceful, collected, he will be less likely to commit rash actions. As a result, society will become more prudent.

In the modern world, people at work are constantly stressed, bosses do not care about their subordinates, but, on the contrary, demand more and more from a person, exhausting and turning people into biorobots. On this basis, anger, resentment, understatement accumulate inside many, self-confidence and a sense of freedom fall. Because of this, people are used to communicating with each other superficially, mainly at the level of emotions or for the sake of selfish gain. Yoga practitioners are able to build deep, strong bonds with each other, communicate calmly, with respect for each other. It is easier for such a friendly team to do joint projects that help people change their lives and their surroundings for the better. Such people feel more peaceful and happier.

By practicing the first two stages of yoga, pit and niyama, society will become more highly developed, people will cease to live with petty desires, use the resources of the planet for short-term entertainment, the crime rate will be minimized. Raising children in accordance with the first two steps of yoga, we cultivate a healthy generation that can change not only the moral, but also the technological progress of society, at least by making it more environmentally friendly. According to statistics, most accidents and cases of violence are committed in alcohol intoxication. Children who are brought up in accordance with the principles of yoga are not interested in drinking alcohol. Such a generation of people will not have unwanted offspring, as actions will be sober and balanced.

Over the past 8 years of my life that I practice yoga and live by non-violence, many of my friends and acquaintances have moved to a more ethical attitude towards others, have become vegetarians and have begun to practice yoga. In every place where I come, people begin to be interested in what is the secret of my balanced state, and after a while they begin to practice. I see how people become more conscious, healthier, give up bad habits, and their life becomes stable and noble - this convinces me more and more that a yoga teacher is the best that a person can do on this planet.

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