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In Russia, they are introducing a project for dividing children into castes

A pilot eugenic project for dividing children into castes is being introduced in Russia. The ONF leaders, the pedagogical community and parent organizations opposed the new project for the modernization of childhood in Transbaikalia.

Alarming letters come from Transbaikalia with information on the implementation in the Territory of a pilot project for the modernization of childhood, covering all children's institutions - from nurseries to universities. The Moscow project, which is being implemented under the auspices of the Governor Ilkovsky K.K. and the governments of the Trans-Baikal Territory, immediately called fascist in the Territory. But despite the total rejection, after working out the pilot project, the developers plan to apply it throughout Russia.

The essence of modernization is to ensure that all children, from toddlers, are divided into 4 categories:

  • industrial proletariat
  • agricultural worker
  • creative class
  • service staff.

It is also supposed to account for “marriage” - marginalized children, children with impaired behavior, juvenile delinquents.

Quote: "We are talking about those who are a problem for any healthy society: all kinds of loafers, marginals and juvenile delinquents who have nothing to do with the effective capitalization of the country." And further: "For" rejected "human capital, a special" production line "is required - for the re-education and putting into operation of the most defiant." And here is the expected result in the Program summary: "As a result of gradual selection and selection of the best providers of educational services, we should get a revived ecosystem of the children's movement in the Russian regions - the Federation of Children's Associations, etc."

In addition to the distribution of castes, it is planned to create the right children for the order.

Quote from the document: "It is necessary to clearly define the ultimate goal of the planned pedagogical production. What product and for whom the created system should produce. To do this, we need to describe in detail the" reference portrait "of the person, citizen, professional, who will give the" repaired "system."

Each social group will have its own “portrait”. For the servants - one, for the creative class - the other. The registration of children should be carried out through the electronic card system of the student.

The participation of parents in the selection of educational and professional trajectories of a child for enrolling him in one or another caste is not provided. It is appropriate to recall at the same time that someone is simultaneously rather stubbornly promoting “tutors” in the system of secondary education in Russia. Choosing a path in education is the work of tutors.

The cost of modernizing childhood in the Trans-Baikal Territory is 16 million budget rubles. Everyone has already been ordered to work by order, and rates have already been allocated. Those who do not agree with the program were immediately offered to quit. This information is contained in the letter of the participants of the presentation in Chita, where the lecturer from Moscow specially came and gave the directors of educational institutions a long lecture, without allowing them to ask questions.

The general essence of the program, if you remove the beautiful words and phrases, can be reduced to the fact that talented brains, apparently for export, of programmable managerial leaders, want to be selected from the mass of children and adolescents, and other “garbage” should be sent to workplaces,

Interestingly, teachers from Transbaikalia report that "it was ordered not to make a noise."

The developers of the program are Yukos, Rusal, Severstal, etc.

REFERENCE 1: OOO SEVERSTAL-INVEST has established the My Generation Charitable Fund. The My Generation Foundation presented the fascist foresight "Childhood-2030" to the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation in 2010. Only on his presentation in Shanghai at an international exhibition in the same year 10 million rubles were allocated from the state budget.

REFERENCE 2: Severstal's other charitable foundation, the Road to Home Charitable Foundation, has been financing UNICEF projects in Russia for many years.

REFERENCE 3: OJSC NK YUKOS has been actively involved in the creation and implementation of children's and youth programs since the 1990s. By the time the oligarch was planted in 2004, which was closely connected with the global financial oligarchy, more than a million Russian children who had been formed under special programs of "strict regime democracy" had passed through YUKOS camps and programs. In the article "Art Nouveau Khodorkovsky" by Artyom Savelyev, a program of such training is well described, which echoes the one that is being introduced by the pilot in Transbaikalia.

Upon closer examination, the Kudrin Civil Initiatives Support Fund is a specific executor of the program for the modernization of childhood. And the author of the project was named Anatoly Ermolin, an extremely curious person.

REFERENCE 4: Anatoly Ermolin, a companion of Kasparov, Khodorkovsky, Nemtsov, Prokhorov, is currently one of the leaders of the Kudrin Foundation, in particular, under the guise of innovative methods, introducing various youth educational projects on personality reformatting in the country's regions.

Earlier, Ermolin took an active part in the development and implementation of innovative educational projects funded by Yukos: Lyceums Podmoskovny, New Civilization, and Internet Education Federation.

Ermolin - since 2006, Deputy Chairman of the Rothschild-Khodorkovsky Foundation "Open Russia", founder of the International School of Leadership "League of affairs".

Given the above references, it is most likely not worth discussing the pedagogical inferiority of the childhood modernization program in Transbaikalia.

It is worth recalling that the issues of educating the young generation, patriotic and spiritual and moral, this year began to be considered as part of the national military security of Russia. December 26, 2014 published the new Military Doctrine of Russia.

The Military Doctrine identifies four major threats within the country. And two of them are as follows:

  • activities of terrorist organizations and individuals aimed at undermining sovereignty, violation of the unity and territorial integrity of the country.
  • activities on the information impact on the population, especially on young citizens of the country, aimed at undermining the historical, spiritual and patriotic traditions in the field of protecting the Fatherland.

And it refers to the implementation of projects similar to the Trans-Baikal from Messrs. Khodorokovskys, Kudrins, Rothschilds and others. It is necessary exclusively from the point of view of the military and national security of Russia. Children and youth, everything that is connected with them, must be singled out in a special category of security issues and not allowed in this area NPOs related to foreign interests and foreign money.

And in the end still:

REFERENCE 5: February 14 at the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation held a Round Table "On creating a model of public-state interaction of children and youth associations." The organizer was the New Eurasia Foundation, funded for many years by the USAID Agency for International Development, US Department of State. The second organizer is a certain Territory of Intelligence public holding.

Recently, about 2 billion rubles have been allocated in Russia for programs of patriotic education of youth. And if nothing changes, then such "funds" that have access to officials from the 5th column will take up this education? Question to public organizations, to the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor General, etc.

Maybe it’s time to stop access of our geopolitical opponents to our children?


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