Smoothies - vitamin recipes from nature itself

In this article you will get acquainted with what smoothies are, why they were invented and what is the main advantage of their creation in comparison with other ways of preparing food and drinks.


Smoothies are often a sweet and thick drink made mainly using a blender. Among the ingredients are fruits, vegetables, herbs. Additives are possible in the form of fruit juices, water, sweeteners (honey, sugar, stevia, syrup), as well as from dairy products (milk, yogurt, soft cheese, soy milk or other obtained from processing nuts).

Sometimes nuts or peanut butter, seeds, chocolate or even teas are added to the smoothie. Some followers of a healthy lifestyle add to their smoothies nutritional supplements, protein mixtures.

You have already understood the essence. It consists in mixing all the ingredients, mainly vegan-vegetarian in a blender, to a uniform mass. The concentration, density, taste and quantity of ingredients can be adjusted independently.

Smoothies - this is perhaps the kind of food that can be modified endlessly. He will not yield in this same baking. Culinary specialists who have heard such a statement may be outraged, but there is no arguing against the facts. Are you still determined to insist that the prepared desserts (pastries, etc.) are more diverse and there are more recipes for their preparation in the world than smoothies?

We have the most indestructible fact in this imaginary argument. And this fact is the amount of fruit on Earth. After all, we remember that fruits are one of the most important ingredients of smoothies. It is needed not only in order to prepare a delicious drink and make it sweet-sweet. Fruits are added as an ingredient in order to make it easier to consume a very large number of vegetables and, most importantly, herbs, the taste of which is often not very pleasant. Again, a reservation: if you use it in large quantities.

In order for the greens to taste good, just make smoothies, the so-called green smoothies, where nominally in the smoothie recipes the fruits still play the main role, but in fact they are added only to “block” the taste of greens. One of the simplest and most common “combos” is smoothie recipes using greens and bananas. Bananas themselves are not rich in water, but they are very sweet and fragrant. If you add the right amount of bananas to the greens, it will be very simple to eat the same spinach, bok choy or broccoli.

It should be noted that, speaking of greens, we mean its consumption in raw form. Before making a smoothie, mixing everything (broccoli or any other green vegetables) in a blender, you do not need to heat the food. This is the whole point of making smoothies: so that you can consume as many vitamins and minerals as possible that were not affected during the heat treatment.

Smoothies: fruit recipes

So let's get back to our fruits. For those who are hard to imagine that there are so many types and types of fruits on Earth, it must be said that if you began to try one type every day, then your whole life would not be enough to try the whole variety of fruits that grow on The earth. But nothing lasts forever, so while they are still growing, you need to use this. Although fruits are valued by people, especially in the colder, less productive regions of our planet, paradoxically, however, they are very underestimated.

Why are they underestimated? We associate fruits exclusively with a sweet taste. In fact, the taste of fruits can be very diverse: from fresh to sour and bitter. Knowing this, you can experiment with making smoothies in a blender. As for bitter fruits (berries), it is very simple to illustrate this fact. To do this, you do not even need to take some exotic fruits. One example is the well-known viburnum berry, and another example, although overseas, has plenty of it on store shelves - grapefruit. This fruit can be sweet, but with a pronounced bitterness, so some people cannot even eat it and prefer other fruits or vegetables to avoid the bitterness of taste.

Secondly, the underestimation of fruits is due to the fact that people tend to attach more importance to food products of animal origin or cereal, considering them the main source of nutrients and energy. However, it is not. As it turned out, fruits can become a completely independent food, which can completely replace animal and other food. Proof of this is fruitorianism. Now we are considering the benefits of various types of food, but if you are interested in this topic, then on the site oum.ru there are a large number of articles that fully cover the specifics of this issue.

Milky rivers, fructorian shores: the benefits of fruit smoothies

Fruits have all the beneficial nutrients a person needs for a healthy life. You only need to be able to combine them correctly and still do not forget about the inclusion of greenery in the diet. Thus, smoothie recipes with the addition of green leafy vegetables and ordinary greens can become your complete diet for a long time.

If you are in doubt whether you find the necessary calcium (for example) in fruits and green leafy vegetables, then the answer will be yes. You will find him. Despite the widespread belief that calcium is found exclusively in dairy products, which should be consumed in liters and kilograms, this, in fact, is not entirely true, or rather, far from it.

If this were true, then in countries such as Norway and Finland, where per capita dairy consumption is one of the largest in the world, osteoporosis would not be on the first line in the number of citizens suffering from it. Therefore, they suffer that with excessive and large consumption of dairy products, calcium does not accumulate, but is washed out of the body. This is due to the process of assimilation of dairy products. It turns out this paradox: it seems that there is calcium, but in order to digest the elements that make up dairy products, the body itself must spend its own, already accumulated calcium. Hence the epidemic of osteoporosis in prosperous, it would seem, wealthy European countries.

In addition, if you look at the dairy industry from the other side, it is unlikely that the pasteurized products that people see on the shelves of supermarkets have something left, except for various kinds of chemical additives that make the product more attractive to the consumer and increase the term of its sales. What can we say about the amount of antibiotics that animals are treated during their short life on farms. To maintain your own health, it is better to reduce the consumption of dairy products, abandon them completely or, indeed, start your own subsistence economy. If the above arguments did not convince you and you still consider milk a healthy product, then it probably makes sense to use it in pairs rather than canned.

Calcium is also enough in fruits if you eat enough citrus fruits. They have calcium. It is also present in some types of nuts, and, of course, it is very much in the green dark green. Eat greens, and then you will not only increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood, but also get all the nutrients you need for the body.


Types of diets and smoothies

In previous articles on vegetarianism, veganism, and other dietary texts, the topic of macro- and microelements has already been discussed several times. You can look at it from a completely different angle. Some of the teachers at the OUM.RU club also hold broad views: a person is not regarded as a kind of closed chemical laboratory, where a lack of any micro or macro elements will inevitably lead to a malfunction of the entire system.

This is too mechanistic view of things. But it is very difficult to refuse it, because the people of our civilization grew up with it. Science and its achievements have become a new religion for us. "Tell me what you cannot live without, and I will tell you who (what) you worship." We can no longer live without the latest news about how one or another foreign research institute came to the conclusion that such a vitamin, unknown to us earlier, will finally solve our problems.

We are so used to these exclamations of “Eureka!”, Which have already become excessively frequent, that we simply are not able to think about anything ourselves, come to our own conclusions, or listen to our body. We are constantly waiting for the evidence and permissions that our "dear" science will provide us, so we cannot take a single step without looking back at this "great sacred cow" of a modern technocratic society.

The human body is something much more complex than our idea of ​​it as a kind of chemical or some other factory. Some intangible, less visible to the eye things play a much more significant role in the processes that occur in the body. Our consciousness, inner disposition and determination make possible such things that from the physical, physiological point of view alone would be difficult to explain.

So the case of calcium, discussed above, is just an example showing that it is not always necessary to focus on a widespread opinion. Or in another way: a lot, again, depends on your determination, desire, mood. If you are ready to live only on smoothies, then you will do it successfully. If internally you are still chasing after the missing trace elements, then you will not be missed not only on smoothies, fruit-eating, veganism or vegetarianism, but even on ordinary, "omnivorous" food. You will spend time looking for special nutritional supplements in order to be sure that your body has received everything that is due to it.

How to make smoothies

Making smoothies is extremely easy. To do this, you need a good blender and a huge amount of fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts and seeds. We are talking about vegan smoothies because they are the most healthy. There are also smoothies with the inclusion of dairy products, but in this article we do not consider them.

Before preparing a new smoothie recipe for the first time, do not rush to immediately prepare 4 servings of such a “delicious” smoothie. In appearance, it may seem that it will be something appetizing. In fact, we all have different tastes. So first make one serving to try what really results. If this suits you, then add the rest of the ingredients. Sometimes it happens that a set of ingredients seems to suit you, but their proportions are not quite what you need. You can safely vary: add one product more, another less. Be brave, and you will succeed.

For beginners, I would like to say that not only the most delicious smoothie, which has the most ingredients, but where there is a balanced number of products that perfectly match each other in terms of taste. In order to be sure that the taste of the smoothie will be second to none and your body does not react unexpectedly, you can study the Shelton table on product compatibility.

It is designed for those who have just switched to a separate food system, but it can also help those who have become a vegan, raw food eater, etc. It is important to pay attention to the combination of products so that you don't get a sort of smoothie made from pineapple, avocado, lemon and carrot. . Do not smooth, but a bomb. Recommended for sufferers of constipation. The result is almost immediate. However, not everyone needs such a result, so study the compatibility of vegetables and fruits. And now your masterpiece is ready! Bon Appetit!

Watch the video: 12 Healthy Smoothies (February 2020).

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