Desserts served: about taste and benefits

Dairy and sour-milk products can be an excellent basis for light and healthy desserts.

We all love sweets. Even the most desperate ascetics and adherents of the nowadays fashionable healthy lifestyle will not dare to argue with this fact. But sweets, as if it were not pretending to some beliefs, are not always harmful and even less useless for our body. Therefore, do not give up the pleasure to please yourself, for example, with dessert - only by replacing a number of ingredients with others in its preparation. So, the fat and calorie content of fanciful cream in fruit desserts will replace the lightness and usefulness of natural yogurt or sour cream sauce, and the sweet saturation of sugar with honey or, say, dried fruits. Yes, and milkshakes, so loved by both children and adults, many will gladly return to their diet.

So, milk, dairy and sour-milk products can be an excellent basis for light and healthy desserts. Easy to prepare, they will bring us a lot of pleasure from food as such, and benefit, as from the product itself. Well, let's get started. We will prepare a delicious, but at the same time completely labor-saving chia pudding. It is worth noting that the seeds of the chia plant are a storehouse of proteins and Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. In cooking, chia is a gel-thickener, indispensable in the preparation of puddings, sauces and jelly, a great and more useful alternative to flour or starch. First we need to prepare the “base” for the pudding. Chia seeds, being in any liquid, swell, increasing in size several times, and the liquid turns into jelly. Four tablespoons of seeds need to pour 400 ml of milk of any fat content. You can add a pinch of vanilla and cinnamon. But this is a matter of taste. Mix, after 10 minutes we mix again until smooth. Then we send the mixture to the refrigerator to swell for 6 hours, optimally - all night. You can combine our "base" with any fruits and berries, dried fruits and nuts. The dessert - light, wholesome and delicious - is ready.

Chia seeds, yogurt and oatmeal are available for breakfast. Cooking it in the evening. Ideal for those who want to save time in the morning. For one serving, we need half a glass of cereal (preferably not quick cooking), Greek yogurt, 2/3 glasses of milk, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, 1 banana and 2 tablespoons of dried fruit or berries. Knead the mashed banana, add the remaining ingredients, mix thoroughly and send our mixture to the refrigerator overnight.

Cottage cheese dessert, which is prepared without baking, is also simple to prepare, but it will take a little longer. 500 g of natural cottage cheese (fat-free or 9%) must be mixed with a blender with 300 g of sour cream. Add sugar or honey there. By quantity, we focus on our taste. Next, we prepare a gelatin filling so that our dessert subsequently acquires the desired strength and consistency. Pour gelatin (30 g) with a glass of water and leave for 10 minutes. Put it on low heat, stir constantly, waiting until the gelatin is completely dissolved. It is not necessary to bring the liquid to a boil. Pour it into the previously prepared mixture, mix thoroughly. The liquid is quite liquid. Pure fruits or berries (those that you like or are in the refrigerator) are laid out at the bottom of the mold, poured with our mixture and put in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. When serving, you can decorate the dessert with mint or berries. About six servings of dessert come out of the proposed set of products. Sour cream, by the way, can be replaced with natural yogurt.

It will be useful to say a few words about the most natural yogurt. Rather, the benefits of a product known for several centuries. Comments on Svetlana Vitkovskaya, an expert of the agricultural holding "Cheburashkins Brothers. Family Farm". "Natural yogurt is a real find for people with lactose intolerance. The probiotics that make up the product increase its absorption. Useful bacteria of the yogurt normalize the gastrointestinal tract, including alleviate the condition of those who are forced to take antibiotics. In addition, natural yogurts are real associates in the fight against overweight, and therefore with the risk of developing heart disease, blood vessels and diabetes. "

Natural yogurt can also be used in the preparation of pannacotta, replacing it with a portion of fat cream in a traditional Italian recipe. The product is no less tasty, but at the same time it will not be so high-calorie. We will need: a half liter of natural yogurt without additives, a little fat cream - 200 ml, powdered gelatin (10 g), sugar to taste and vanilla sugar if desired. Pour gelatin with 50 ml of water and leave it to swell for a while. 60 ml of cream should be put on low heat and with constant stirring, dissolve sugar (regular and vanilla) in them. The swollen gelatin must be warmed up in a water bath until completely dissolved, and then mix it with warm cream and sugar. Whip the remaining cream into a lush cream and pour into yogurt. Send the creamy gelatin mixture there. After thorough mixing, you can put the pannacotta in a bowl. Important: dessert should freeze at a cool temperature. This will take at least two hours. We send our cups to the refrigerator. At this time, we are preparing berry sauce, which will serve as a decoration for our dessert. Note that the pannacota on the second day becomes even tastier - so if you are waiting for guests on the appointed day, dessert can be prepared much earlier than their arrival.

Watch the video: 5 CHIA PUDDINGS with So Delicious - VEGAN RECIPE. HONEYSUCKLE (February 2020).

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