What juice to complement the dish to enhance its taste and beneficial properties

Fruit juices are no worse than wine to emphasize the taste of dishes and will not leave a headache in the end.

Candles are burning, the table is set, and you are preparing to enjoy a festive dinner in the company of loved ones. However, in order to make the meal truly epicurean, you will also need a refined drink. But do you want ... juice?

Indeed, juices have long ceased to be a simple addition to breakfast. Fresh mixes seasoned with spices in combination with almonds and lemon sorghum appeared a few decades ago in hippy bars and by the beginning of the third millennium became an indispensable element of the menu of the best restaurants in the world.

"When we first invited our guests to replace the wine with fresh juice during dinner, we didn’t even assume that the" fresh "would be so popular," says James Hackney, chef at Boston's L'Espalier restaurant. "For example, juice from grapes of the Kokord variety is a great alternative to wine, the taste is amazing, and alcohol is zero, which is important if you are pregnant or allergic to alcohol."

Fashionable institutions willingly supported the fresh trend - and not surprisingly, because the ability of wine to emphasize the taste of food does not determine the presence of alcohol at all, but the purity and depth of the taste inherited from grapes.

How to choose

When choosing a drink for new dishes, the chef usually has certain laws that apply regardless of whether they contain alcohol or not. “Sweet foods balance drinks that are sour or astringent in taste. It doesn't really matter if it’s juice or wine,” James says.

In order to determine which type of wine is recommended, the chef first of all highlights the main ingredients of the dish and evaluates how fatty, sweet or spicy it is. Based on this, he decides what qualities a wine should have in order to enhance, but not interrupt, the taste of food. “In order to choose the juice, you need to follow the same steps,” says James. For example, a sweet cocktail that includes melon, coconut or a small amount of mango is perfect for a dish with mint sauce. "

If you are going to eat something especially sweet, you should order sour juice. For example, grapefruit or raspberry-orange. At the same time, to make the combination of tastes more harmonious, a little sweet mango is added to the drink. For fresh meals, it is usually recommended to serve juices with a salty note - for example, carrots, celery or kiwi.

Will benefit

Fresh cocktails can not only emphasize and enhance the taste of the dish, but also bring considerable health benefits. For example, cranberries activate mental and physical performance, lower blood pressure and improve digestion. In addition, this berry has an antipyretic and bactericidal effect (and even affects bacteria that are difficult to antibiotics), prevents the formation of kidney stones and stimulates the function of the pancreas.

Having prepared a drink from quince, you will enrich the meal with vitamin C and iron. Its fruits have diuretic, hemostatic and antiseptic properties, and their seeds are softening, enveloping and anti-inflammatory.

Fresh pomegranates not only have a bright taste, but also improve appetite, relieve headaches and normalize digestion. And pomegranate juice contains more antioxidants than any other drink, be it red wine or the best green tea.

Michelin Star

Having studied the basic principles of taste combinations, release your imagination and set off after it - to prepare a festive dinner. For example, this: a fresh salad seasoned with sour cream, to which sweet juice is suitable; vegetable stew, however, like a quiche, will complement sour juice, in which, if desired, you can add a little sparkling mineral water. And even if you don’t get a Michelin star this evening, the gratitude of your friends will easily compensate for this.

Watch the video: Restaurant Secrets - Fixing Too-Acidic Dishes (February 2020).

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