Asanas for Practice on International Yoga Day

Celebrate this event with the whole world.

Choose any practice to celebrate International Yoga Day. Practice is a tribute to yoga. And we offer you these 5 asanas to work out the Anahata Chakra and be filled with love and respect for everything that exists in the world.


Stand straight and place your feet together. Spread the weight evenly over the entire foot. Stretch behind the crown to straighten your back and remove excess lumbar deflection. Pull up your stomach.

The whole body is strong. Pull straight arms along the body. Pull your shoulders back to direct your chest forward. Look in front of you and breathe.


Get on your knees, which are located in the width of the pelvis. Reach for the top of your head, bring your right hand back and place it on your right heel, then put your left hand on your left heel.

Lift weight to your knees to open your chest more. Keep your hips perpendicular to the floor; do not push your pelvis beyond the knee line. Do not pinch your neck, stretch behind the crown.

Ardha Bhujangasana

Lie on your stomach. Bend your arms and put your elbows under the shoulder joints. The forearms are parallel to each other. Push your elbows, stretch behind the crown and open the chest. Relax your buttocks. If Bhujangasana is available to you, now do it.


Sit with straight legs, pull the feet towards you. Lean back and lower your forearms to the floor. Bend down to reveal your chest. Tilt your head back and put it on top of the head. Do not carry weight on your head. Breathe smoothly.

Supta Virasana

Get on your knees, connect them together, and spread your feet apart. Sit on the floor between your feet. Lean back and lower on your forearms. If you feel uncomfortable in the legs or lower back, linger in the previous position.

If you can go deeper, lower your back to the floor, and stretch your arms behind your head. Breathe calmly, relax. Exit the asana carefully. Rest your elbows on the floor and carefully lift the housing.

Performing these asanas, direct all attention inward. Breathe and feel the power, confidence and love.

Watch the video: International Yoga Day: Common Yoga Protocol (February 2020).

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