Life in bright colors: how to use color therapy for your own benefit?

There is tremendous power in color.

Color is a non-verbal language that is understood by both our conscious and our unconscious mind. Understanding how color affects all aspects of our lives can help us live more successfully and happily. For example:

  1. Color defines the atmosphere of our housing. Yes, and in principle, any room. Bright colors - for example, yellow - stimulate and improve creativity; black adds mystery, pale pink tunes in a romantic mood.
  2. Color plays a big role in how others see us. Color sends signals to the mind, and people unconsciously make up their minds about us based on the colors we wear. According to one study, women in red attract more men than women in blue. This attitude to red is biologically embedded in us - this color is associated with fertility and implies that the woman who wears it is passionate and loving.
  3. Color affects our mood. He can make us more joyful, and soothe us. The color that makes us happy actually tells us what we want and what we need. For example, if your mood is raised by red, you most likely love movement and feel good when expressing yourself through your body.
  4. Color promotes spiritual growth. It is actively used in special meditation techniques. Color helps people realize their feelings and establish a connection with them, as well as overcome any obstacles that they themselves have created.
  5. Color enhances our sense of self. Certain colors help us work with our sense of self, practice self-love and compassion. For example, pink is a positively charged color that can lower the heart rate and cause a feeling of joy. As a result, it can help us attract loving partners and friends.
  6. Color says a lot about what we eat. The color of a fruit or vegetable is an indicator of what minerals and energy he absorbed in himself with the sun. Blueberries and blueberries have strong blue / indigo energies. Energetically, these colors relax us and help us fall asleep. Scientists have found that the minerals and vitamins in these berries help people suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders.
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Watch the video: The Meaning of Colors for a Spiritual Seeker. Sadhguru (February 2020).

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