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Eating disorder is a problem that has now taken on the scale of natural disaster. Yoga helps get rid of bad eating habits.

One of the most common types of eating disorders is bulimia. Its main symptoms are bouts of overeating against the background of constant self-restraint, as well as panic fear of gaining weight. Among the main causes of bulimia are stress, physical fatigue, and lack of self-image.

The numbers don't lie

Studies conducted in recent years have shown that yoga classes help cope with eating disorders. In 2005, the Sosalito Research Institute of Preventive Medicine, California, studied the effects of yoga, aerobics, and running on women with bulimia. As a result, it turned out that subjects who practiced yoga felt more satisfied with their appearance and began to better feel the needs of the body than those who did jogging and aerobics. In 2006, New York State University examined 45 teenage girls suffering from a painful desire to lose weight. After completing a ten-week program, including conversations with a psychologist, as well as the practice of yoga and relaxation, the girls began to respect their body with great respect and stopped striving for unnatural thinness.


Yoga helps already by reducing anxiety and slowing down the chaotic movement of thoughts. “When we are excited, our mind resembles a fan spinning at a frantic speed,” says psychotherapist Michelle Fury. “Working with our body and breath, we focus on what is happening at the moment, and this stops the flow of negative thoughts. As a result, we we’re gradually starting to act thoughtfully and not impulsively. " At the Four Winds Yoga Yoga Center in Pennington, New Jersey, Ana Forrest's three-day yoga workshops (intensive classes with extended posture) and meditation are held. Many women attending the seminar admitted that they were able to reconsider their attitude to food. “My teacher constantly says that the ideal pose does not exist,” says one of the participants in the program. “If so, then maybe there is no perfect body? Or rather, the ideal that was given to me? This way of posing the question made me feel great self-respect and once and for all relieved frustration. "

Bon Appetit

We often eat without thinking: at lunchtime we have a bite to eat on the go, and at the end of a busy day we eat a hearty dinner for the night. By practicing mindfulness meditation, you can get rid of bad habits and learn how to enjoy food.

Be thankful
Before each meal, just sit in silence for a few minutes. Think about where the food came from on your table, what it consists of and what its nutritional value is.

About feelings
Take a closer look at the food: what color is it, what is it in appearance? Feel its aroma, and, having tasted a little, feel all shades of taste.

Beyond DesireThe next time you want something specific, such as chocolate, against the backdrop of stress, just stay with your desire for a minute. You can make a short list of emotions experienced in this. Watch how desire grows and then let it go.

Accept and forgive
If you overeat, do not punish yourself for this by fasting the next day.

Spite of habitTry to eat something that really nourishes you, and not what you are used to.

Watch the video: What I Eat In A Day how i got my abs. RENEE AMBERG (February 2020).

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