Christina Davis, actress

“Yoga involves something very intimate within us. Therefore, it cannot be called a whim. "

The heroine of the acclaimed series “Sex and the City” Christine Davis in her youth studied at the Department of Psychology at one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. True, she soon felt that her true calling was cinema, and moved to the department of dramatic art. Having received her education, she moved to New York, but at first she could not get an actress at all. In addition, Christine was extremely shy, and to cope with this problem, she chose not the best way - alcohol. “Alcoholic drinks liberated me,” the actress admits. “I was very timid and did not know how to get out of my shell.” At some point, Christine realized that she was no longer able to control her addiction. Together with her friend, she went through many health centers and stopped at yoga courses. As a result, the actress was so carried away that she opened her own school of yoga and even starred in a training film.

"Yoga is five thousand years old," the actress says. "It owes its popularity today not to the fact that actresses do it. Yoga touches on something very secret inside us. Therefore, it cannot be called a whim." After the first season of “Sex and the City,” Christine fell on fame. However, the popular series brought the actress not only breathtaking fees and adoration of fans. Six years of exhausting and intense filming could not but affect Davis’s health: “On the site, it’s like at school: if one has a runny nose, then the whole group will sneeze tomorrow.

Every winter I had to take a course of antibiotics, my stomach was constantly sore - on the set I didn’t have a healthy diet, and my back just broke down by the end of the day ... I was only helped by yoga classes, but still after each season I had to take a long time to heal: take courses of health food , acupuncture and body cleansing. "

Davis is actively involved in charity work. After the 2004 tsunami in South Asia, she was seriously concerned about the fate of people who were less fortunate in life than she was. Once, the actress attended a charity evening hosted by her colleague, actor George Clooney, in support of the victims of the conflict in Darfur. There she met with employees of the Oxfam charity, which fights poverty and injustice around the world. Oxfam’s goals resonated with Christine: starting with financial support, the actress soon became the organization’s ambassador and visited Mozambique and Uganda with her mission. "The charity that I do makes me feel that my acting fame is worth something, because there is a noble goal that it can serve," the actress admits.

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