Spiritual reboot: 5 minute ritual

Simple ways to quickly connect to a source of positive energy.

Remember the last time you saw that your phone was discharging. Most likely, you will immediately go to charge it. If only we had such a sense of urgency when our internal batteries were “nullified” - when we had the feeling that we were lost in our daily routine and lost touch with ourselves.

You can use the analogy of a lamp. When your internal batteries are low, ask yourself, “Is the lamp plugged in?” This can become our daily mantra: Am I connected to a power source? There are many tools available to help slow down and join this source. Here are a few of them:

Daily practices for rebooting

  1. First thing after waking up. Notice the first phrase that comes to your mind after waking up. What if it was a prayer, an inspirational quote or intention? For example, "Lord, I hand this day into your hands." If the mention of God does not resonate for you, replace this part of the phrase with someone or something else. Power comes to us when we look beyond our ego and feel ourselves part of something larger than ourselves. This is a very liberating thought first thing in the morning early.
  2. Watching your to-do list.. Even if in the morning we establish the intention to be conscious and grateful, it can come to naught as soon as we leave the apartment. The most important thing here is to understand what is the trigger for you throughout the day. When something catches you during the day, I cause negative emotions, breathe; look for someone to help or serve at home or at work; express gratitude for everything (even for difficulties), or take a walk with a friend. Be aware of your intentions all the time. During the day, ask yourself, “Am I driven by love or fear?”
  3. When interacting with others. Daily interactions with other people can either elevate or deprive energy. Turning to our spiritual side allows us to choose a softer, more sympathetic approach that will help us with any difficult situations. Repeat “Namaste” to yourself (or “The light in me honors the light in you”). Remember that through service you were light to others — and that you can be open to receiving light from others through gratitude.

5 minute spiritual reboot that can be done anywhere:

Set the timer for five minutes. Start in a calm, quiet place where you are comfortable and read a couple of paragraphs from an inspirational book to help focus your mind. Close your eyes and feel how you feel. Recognize these thoughts and feelings without judgment, and then try to leave them outside this space. Find a slow, calm breathing through your nose. Inhale into four counts, delay into two counts, exhale into four counts, delay into two counts. Repeat. Imagine soft, calm energy as you inhale and combine with breathing as you exhale.

In those days when it is unrealistic to find even 5 minutes for this, adhere to the same principle - bring the same awareness and a sense of unity to the situation in any chaos that you have to endure.

Watch the video: James Dowling UMIS #1 (February 2020).

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