Relevant forever: the famous Reebok Pump celebrated its anniversary

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On July 25, the long-awaited celebration of the 25th anniversary of the legendary Pump technology, invented by the brilliant Reebok designer Paul Litchfield, took place in the very center of Moscow - in the DI Telegraph space.

Why is this event number 1 for Reebok?

The development of Pump blew up the sports market back in 1989: Reebok managed to create a shoe silhouette that equally suits everyone, regardless of the shape of the foot.

Outstanding engineers of the brand combined three, at first glance, incompatible things: a rubber pump from a blood pressure monitor, a valve from a bicycle tire and an intravenous infusion bag. Thus, the air pumped inside the sneaker fills the free space around the leg, perfectly fitting it and creating an excellent fit. The revolutionary invention, thanks to the combination of optimal comfort and fit on the foot, promoted itself without the need for marketing, and remains incredibly relevant to this day.

The story of the legendary Reebok Pump sneakers

In 1991, at the NBA Slam Dunk Competition, Dee Brown did what nobody could have expected in the finals of the contest. Before making the final throw, he stopped, bent over, in one second, which will forever remain in the memory of basketball fans around the world, pumped up his Reebok sneakers and performed the victorious “blind” slam dunk. Then he calmly leaned over and let the air out of the soles. A crowd of spectators roared with delight.

Starting the Pump story with basketball sneakers, Reebok expanded its range of shoes for running, football, tennis, training, walking and aerobics. The technology gave the athletes what they always dreamed of - the individual fit of the sneakers on the foot and made the performances of many of them unforgettable. Today, the Pump series has not lost its comfort and moved into the category of lifestyle shoes for everyday life. Pump intends to continue developing the direction of adaptable shoes.

How did Reebok celebrate Pump's anniversary?

In honor of the anniversary of Pump on July 25, one of the most conceptual venues in the capital, DI Telegraph, hosted the presentation of a new fall-winter collection of clothing and footwear Reebok. A friendly atmosphere, meeting interesting people, fiery mixes from Dj Timofey and, of course, new Reebok Pump sneakers as a gift were waiting for each of the party guests - to feel like part of the story and find out what really should be the maximum comfort!

About Reebok Brand

Reebok International Ltd. - A leading global developer, supplier and distributor of clothing, shoes and equipment for sports, fitness and everyday life. American in spirit, global in scale, the Reebok brand is an advanced brand of sports goods with a rich heritage in the fields of running, training and fitness.

Reebok is a division of the Adidas Group and sells products under the brands Reebok, Reebok-CCM Hockey and Sports Licensed Division. Headquarters Reebok International Ltd. located in Canton, Massachusetts, USA.

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