1 day birth preparation course (paired practice)

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October 01
October 1st
7000-8500 rub

For whom: Open to professionals in the field of yoga for pregnant women, obstetricians, specialists in the field of motherhood


For the Perinatal Yoga Advanced Training Course, you will be offered a structured set of practices for couples covering all types of pair interactions that Francoise teaches at prenatal training seminars in London.

This will be more related to the empirical process, what exactly men (partners) can do in different periods of childbirth, combinations of active and relaxing practices, dealing with emotions that may arise, meeting difficult decisions: all with simple but deep, based practices on yoga, available to most couples.

Francoise is happy to give this knowledge, and it's great to see how simple methods can transform pregnant couples and their experience of pregnancy and childbirth. Our methods show how to guide partners from information support to observation and personal experience.

Birthlight methods are clear, effective, aimed at the bodies of partners, their minds and hearts, in a way that creates a real difference at birth. The difference between ours and some other schools is that our teachings are based on respect for the individuality of each partner and each couple, including the possibility that the partner would prefer not to participate in any or even all periods of the birth process. This creates more freedom and ease than just saying: this is our method, this is what you need to do. Thus, participation in childbirth is genuine and occurs spontaneously.

Francoise Barbira Friedman - founder of Birthlight, medical anthropologist, researcher, lecturer in the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, UK

Watch the video: 2011 Updated PIH-EIV System Training: Day 2, Part 1 - HUD - 102811 (February 2020).

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